Why is My Snake Plant Turning Yellow?

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When your snake plant starts turning yellow, it can be a sign of several things including low watering, sunlight, pest attack, soil conditions etc. It can happen to a single leaf or multiple leaves at once. There can be a lot of blemishes or patches of yellow color in the leaves or it may look scorched and brown. In some cases, the snake plant will also show signs of fungus growth. Fungal diseases in the snake plant are quite dangerous and may kill it. If the plant is affected by fungus, it will not recover and must be removed.

Why is my snake plant turning yellow plants need regular watering but it is important to know that they should not be overwatered. This is when the soil becomes soggy. Overwatering dehydrates the snake plant and this can cause it to turn yellow.

Green Dilemma: Understanding the Causes Behind Your Snake Plant Turning Yellow

Another cause of a snake plant turning yellow is when the soil is too salty. Salty soil has a high amount of sodium which can burn the leaves and roots of the plant. This can be fixed by using a soil test kit and lowering the level of salt in the soil.

Over fertilization of snake plants can also cause them to turn yellow. It is important to only fertilize snake plants once a month. Fertilizing them more often can make them nutrient less and eventually die.

Some other causes of a snake plant turning yellow include a bad temperature, poor drainage in the pot, soil pH and a lack of nutrients. By identifying and solving the root problem, you can save your snake plant from the misery of yellowing leaves.

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