What to Look For in a Foldable Wagon

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foldable wagon

A foldable wagon is a great collapsible heavy duty wagon for individuals who frequently transport things like groceries, tools and sporting equipment from one location to another. These wagons are typically collapsible and feature expandable storage pockets for holding small items, two cup holders and a detachable weather-resistant cover that protects the cargo from the sun and rain. They are also relatively lightweight, making them easier to handle when fully laden. Additionally, most foldable wagons have a one-year warranty to provide additional peace of mind.

Packing for Success: Tips for Efficiently Loading Your Foldable Wagon

The best collapsible wagons are easy to fold up and down with little difficulty, without requiring a 10-step process. Almost all models have pull tabs located on the bottom that require a simple tug to unlock and fold up the frame, clearing fabric from pinch points along the way. For those looking for a more robust or feature-rich model, there are also folding wagons that have clip-on seats and other add-ons that will require a slightly longer setup and collapse time.

A good collapsible wagon will be able to easily navigate over a variety of terrains, including grass, dirt and gravel, as well as more rugged surfaces such as loose or deep sand. For this reason, many wagons have larger wheels that offer greater traction on challenging surfaces than smaller wheels. Also, wagons that are designed with children in mind often include extra features such as built-in seats and canopy covers that shield passengers from the elements.

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