Shop Front Doors – Why Choose Aluminium?

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With winter upon us, now is a great time to consider replacing your old and tired shop front doors with brand-new aluminium alternatives. Aluminium is a malleable and strong material, allowing it to be easily shaped into slender sightlines that complement contemporary properties whilst effortlessly harmonizing with more classically styled homes too. It also retains its tensile strength even when shaped into an intricate shape and does not rust or warp, meaning that aluminum entrance doors will be a lasting addition to your Somerset property and will remain looking as good as new for longer than many uPVC-based alternatives.

There are several different types of aluminium shop front doors on the market, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. The simplest form of aluminium door is one where the decorative panel is inset into the door sash with no visible glazing line. This is very similar to how uPVC side, back or porch doors are made and is the cheapest type of aluminium front door.

Elevate Your Storefront: The Versatility of Aluminium Shop Front Doors

The next level up are doors where the aluminium panel is fully integrated into the sash so that it looks seamless. These are more expensive but still a worthwhile investment and come in a range of modern designs. Brands like Dutemann, Hormann, Smart Systems and Spitfire all produce aluminium front doors with this type of construction.

The best and most premium aluminium front doors are the ones which utilize multi-chambered profiles with polyamide thermal breaks to achieve low U-values. These doors will be considerably more energy efficient than uPVC front doors and will save you money on your heating bills. They also have super-smart locking systems which will keep your business premises safe from would-be thieves and vandals.

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