Rotovac ShearDry Upholstery Tool

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rotovac sheardry

The rotovac sheardry  Upholstery Tool enables the operator to clean upholstery in two directions without dripping or over spray. It features a dual direction spray bar that shears the spray dispersion, and is made of light weight super strong fiberglass reinforced composite. Its design eliminates over wetting, and dries upholstery 30% faster than conventional cleaning methods.

The ShearDry Tool is a great addition to any carpet or rug cleaning machine, and will cut your cleaning time in half. It will also save you money in both labor and chemical costs. This is one of the best tools available today, and is highly recommended by professional carpet cleaners everywhere.

Revolutionize Your Upholstery Cleaning with Rotovac Sheardry: A Comprehensive Guide

The ShearDry uses dual, high-torque motors for precision performance that is hard to replicate by a human being. It accomplishes hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes in a minute, and achieves results that are unmatched by scrub wands or any other traditional cleaning devices. It can even restore heavily soiled and stained carpet to near-prime condition. With its rotary vacuum heads, it can do in minutes what a scrub wand can only do in hours, and at a fraction of the cost!

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