Protect Your Creations With a Pie Carrier

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pie carrier

Pie making is an art — from the perfect crust to swirls of whipped cream and toasted meringue. But all that work is for naught if the pie or cake gets crushed, squished, or ruined in transit. Protect your creations from harm with a well-designed pie carrier.

A pie carrier is usually a hard-sided, see-through container that fits a standard size baking dish or pie pan inside. Some have a base with sturdy clips that hold the container in place, while others have removable trays to create a second tier for more holding space. The containers may be made of rigid plastic or metal and have handles for easy transport. They’re available in many colors and patterns, and some are collapsible for storage. Find out pie carrier –

The lids of pie carriers open either by flipping a hinge or flap, or by lifting off the lid entirely. They should also be able to close securely but not tight enough to damage the contents. Ventilation is important in hot pies to prevent curdling and condensation, so look for containers with large latches that easily snap or unsnap.

Pies on the Go: Safely and Stylishly Transporting with a Pie Carrier

Stacking inter-lockable food containers carry not just pies, but entire casserole dishes and vegetables, salads, cut fruits, and other prepared foods to potlucks, picnics, family and church gatherings, or any other food-related event. Typically made from a durable material like ABS, these containers are resistant to acids, alcohols, vegetables, and mineral oils. They’re also safe for top rack dishwasher washing.

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