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magic mushroom kits

Whether you’re interested in growing edible or magic mushroom kits, or in microdosing them for their psychedelic effects, there are a few different magic mushroom kits available to help you along the way. These grow kits come with all the spores, substrate, tools, and equipment you’ll need to get started with cultivating mushrooms at home.

First, a little background: Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that produce a strong psychedelic trip. These are commonly known as “magic mushrooms” because they can have a powerful and sometimes profound effect on a person’s experience of reality, making them popular with people who want to explore the world.

Spore Prints and Spore Syringes: What Are They and How to Use Them

They’re illegal in some countries, but they’re increasingly becoming decriminalized or otherwise legalized for use in the US and around the world. As such, a lot of people are interested in learning how to cultivate these mushrooms at home.

Many companies sell mushroom-growing kits, including grow-bags that work with several bred varieties of Psilocybe cubensis, or with any other fungus you choose to grow. Often, these kits include a grow bag that encloses the substrate so that it can be kept at the correct temperature and humidity to encourage fruiting.

Third Wave’s Mushroom Grow Kit is designed to fit in a drawer or closet, so it’s an attractive choice for people who need to keep their fungi growing discreetly. It also includes sterile alcohol swabs and a written manual and instructional videos.

A reliable and accessible option, this magic mushroom grow kit is based on the PF Tek technique and comes with all the spores, substrate, and equipment you need to get started. Its instructions and videos are easy to follow and it comes with multiple jars, which is helpful if you’re new to growing psilocybin mushrooms.

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