How a Bot Detection Solution Can Protect Your Business

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bot detection solution

Detection solutions for bots help eliminate malicious automated attacks that can drain resources, erode trust, and ultimately hurt your bottom line. Attackers use bots to steal customer data, tamper with APIs, and cause account takeover fraud. A bot detection solution can protect your business from these threats and increase revenue and productivity.

Traditionally, security bot detection solution used static analysis to identify header information and web requests that correlate with bad bots. This approach worked with Gen1 and Gen2 bots that used known data center proxies but is less effective today, as attackers have adapted by using Tor exit nodes and millions of IP addresses to hide their identity. Moreover, these bots are becoming more sophisticated, with many mimicking human behavior to bypass traditional security measures.

Choosing the Right Bot Detection Solution: Safeguarding Your Website Against Automated Threats

The newest generation of security technology is built to automatically respond to suspicious activity. This approach enables businesses to stop fraud and reduce costs by allowing only genuine traffic to pass through the network. In addition, it helps protect the integrity of applications and prevents security breaches by identifying traffic patterns that are indicative of bot behavior.

Radware Bot Manager is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time alerts and manual review of suspicious activity that identifies bot traffic. Its dynamic risk engine analyzes more than 250 parameters to detect and prevent bots and other cyberattacks, including DDoS, form fraud, carding, ad fraud, scraping, and API abuse. Its robust UI makes it easy to view and analyze bot traffic in real time.

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