Halo Infinite’s Cross-Play – Calls For Better Anti-Cheat System

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halo infinite cheaters

There’s no denying that cheaters are rampant in Halo Infinite┬ácheaters, with players using everything from aimbots to God Mode causing havoc for both casual and ranked gamers. While 343 Industries promised anti-cheat was on the way, players are getting frustrated with how long it’s taking to see changes.

As a result, several players are calling for the removal of cross-play until this is fixed. While that wouldn’t solve the problem entirely, it would make it less likely for hackers to be able to play alongside PC gamers and then target Xbox players with their exploits.

Another call is for a more robust anti-cheat system that’s closer to what other games have available. Many online PC games have client-side tools like BattlEye that can identify cheaters and kick them from matches. Unfortunately, halo infinite doesn’t have anything like that and relies on a server-side behavior-based system to detect cheaters instead.

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In a tweet to fans, community manager John Junyszek acknowledged the issue and said that the team is working on things “for the long haul.” He went on to say that it’s important to report cheaters on this website with video evidence. This is an obvious response to the current situation, but it’s not a new solution and doesn’t address the root of the problem. It also won’t stop cheaters from creating multiple accounts and starting fresh. If that’s the case, then 343 should consider adding a player-reporting feature in-game that requires a link to video evidence before punishing a suspected bad actor.

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