Create a Gallery Wall With Large Canvas Photos

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Create a gallery wall with large canvas photos that capture your favorite memories and tell a story from unique moments in your life. These framed prints bring a dramatic aesthetic to any living space, and they’re easy to hang and clean so you can display them long-term.

How is a canvas made?

When selecting a large photo to print on canvas, consider the subject and background. A photograph with a lot of detail in the background can look fine on your computer screen, but it might not look as good when blown up for canvas printing. Additionally, a photograph that’s purposefully out of focus might look beautiful when you’re looking at it on your screen but can lose its impact when framed and hung on the wall.

Consider vertical canvas prints for narrow spaces like stairwells or for a space above a desk or fireplace mantel. Horizontal canvas prints work well for wide walls or for a room with tall ceilings, and you can also combine horizontal and vertical prints to create a one-of-a-kind grid.

Personalize Your Canvas Print with Text

Add a dedication or a witty quote to your canvas print, and it becomes even more unique. Whether you want to commemorate a special moment with a loved one or simply share an inspirational message, you can add it to your photo easily using our online editor. You can choose from a variety of font, color and size options to create a personalized canvas print that’s sure to impress guests when they visit your home.

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