Co-Parenting – Identifying Harassment Signs

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Co-Parenting: Identifying Harassment Signs begin to experience harassing behaviour from their ex, they are confused and wonder what the boundaries are. Harassment may take many forms, including unwanted phone calls or text messages, threatening or demeaning comments on social media or other forums, and showing up at your work or home without warning or permission. Ultimately, anything that makes you feel afraid or intimidated qualifies as harassment.

Whether it’s verbal abuse, physical violence or social media bullying, a co-parent who engages in any of these behaviours has crossed the line. When a parent exhibits these types of behaviour in front of their children, it’s known as child alienation and is extremely harmful to them.

“Breaking the Cycle: Strategies for Dealing with Co-Parent Harassment

If you’re experiencing harassing behaviour from your co-parent, you should seek help immediately. The first step is to document the behaviour, which you can do by writing a journal or taking screenshots. This will be helpful if you decide to pursue legal action against your co-parent.

It’s also important to find a healthy outlet for your emotions so that you don’t act out on them in front of your children. Talking to friends, family or a therapist is often an effective way to process your feelings without letting them control you and causing conflict in your children’s lives.

Some parents who are exhibiting harassing behaviour try to hide this from you by not using their real name on social media or hiding behind aliases. However, this is a clear sign of their intention to ruin your reputation and can be considered cyberbullying and should never be tolerated.

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