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pie carrier

Pie carrier (or pie basket, or pie box) is a convenient way to transport your favorite homemade pies to a dinner party or potluck. It prevents pies from rolling around and tilting in a bag, which can cause them to break or crack. Go here https://www.amishbaskets.com/collections/pie-baskets

Pie carriers typically come in two main types: fabric and plastic. The former is available for under $20, while the latter can cost over $40, depending on design and materials.

A pie carrier that is made of a fabric that is both insulated and padded can help prevent your pie crust from torn during transport. It should also be easy to clean and remove any grease or spills from its lining.

The best pie carrier is a sturdy, high-quality model that is oven- and microwave-safe. Ideally, it also has an adjustable air vent to let freshly baked pies cool and set while they’re in transit.

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Whether you’re a beginner baker or a more experienced cook, choosing the right pie plate can make your baking experience more enjoyable and yield better results. Glass, for example, is a good choice for beginners because it conducts heat slowly and evenly, making it easy to monitor the bottom and sides of your pie as it bakes.

Ceramic dishes, on the other hand, are beautiful and great at conducting heat evenly while retaining temperature. However, they’re not see-through like glass pans, so you might have to be more precise in your pie recipe timing and baking time if you use one of these models.

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