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Choosing a Fitted Tshirt

Whether it’s your first tee or you’re a pro, finding fit tshirt | Tailored Athlete the right fit can make all the difference. A fitted tee is a great way to accentuate your natural body shape and add definition to your torso.

T-shirt styles vary a lot, but there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect tee for you: The collar of a shirt should sit on your collar bone and lay directly on your neck. It shouldn’t be too tight, or it’ll cinch around your neck and cut off circulation, or too loose, and it will hang awkwardly and expose your least flattering contours.

Why Every Man Needs a Fitted T-Shirt in Their Wardrobe

Sleeves should be long enough to reach your bicep without flaring out too much, but they shouldn’t be so big that they cut off your circulation. Standard or classic fit shirts have bigger armholes and flare out slightly, while baggy fits are more relaxed and hug the arm with little to no extra room.

Shoulder seams should match your shoulder point ends, and if they are droopy or hike up higher than the points, then the shirt is too big.

Waistline should be a couple inches past your waistband, and end about halfway down your hips. This is a good standard for most guys, though it can vary a bit depending on your height and build.

It’s also a good idea to choose a fabric that is comfortable to the touch, doesn’t cause any irritation, and isn’t too sweltering in hot weather. A cotton tee is a classic option, but synthetic materials like Lycra, Spandex and Elastane are popular for active wear because they are breathable and help to keep body sweat at bay.

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